PC Based Voice Logger
  • Number of channels is scalable up to 64. However, each module is of four channels. 
    (Indicate no. of channels required while ordering)
  • Modular construction
  • Easy installation and user-friendly software interfaces
  • Each Channel Bank is of 4 - channels
  • Compression Rate 64 KBPS to retain original voice. (Higher compression rates can be  provided)
  • Separate indication for every channel recording in progress
  • Can be interfaced with wireless, telephone lines. Thus various types of voice signal inputs   can be fed to Voice Logger System simultaneously, allocating separate channel for each input
  • Records voice with date and time
  • Plays Voice by entering date and time
  • Plays any channel without interrupting recording of any other channel, including channel   being played
  • Has Ethernet port to get connected in computer network
  • Play Control is by any computer in the network
  • Record keeping can be done on CDs / Flash Memory 
  • Computer programmable selection of VOX, Pseudo calls or off hook calls
  • GSM / CDMA Interface for recording (Fixed Cellular / CDMA Terminal to be provided by the   buyer)
  • Recording remains uninterrupted even in case of defect in computer hardware and software   (where recording is in flash memory / dedicated hard disk) 
  • Play possible from every 4-channel module by using keyboard in stand-alone configuration   only


Channels Analog (In multiples of 4)
Voice coding methods 64 KBPS G.711 A/u law PCM
Record Trigger modes Parallel Off hook / VOX / Ring detection / Forced
Storage Capacity / Media Hard Drive of computer 1600 hrs in 40 GB
Frequency Response 300-3400Hz +/- 3 dB
Analog Input 1. Impedance 600 Ohms or > 10 K Ohm 
2. Balanced or Unbalanced
Speaker Output Speaker (2W, 8 Ohm)
Signal to Noise Ratio Better than 40dB
Distortion Less than 3%
Cross Talk Better than 40dB
Recording Sensitivity Better than 40dBm
Power 230V, 50Hz, AC +/- 20%
Telephone Port (Balanced Line) RJ11
Unbalance Inputs Port DB25
PC Recording Port 10-BASE-T, RJ45, UTP
Display (In standalone Configure only) Four line 20 characters Alphanumeric LCD
Keyboard (In standalone Configure only) PS2 keyboard
Temperature Operating: -10° C to +55° C
Storage: -40° C to +70° C
Humidity 40° C, RH 95 % 


Four channel modules for logging telephone lines / wireless channels. Interfaced with computer through ethernet port. For higher number of voice logging channels, module number is increased by interconnecting them through networking hub / switch. Storage media used is hard drive of the computer.

  • PC Based Voice Logger
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