Embedded Voice Logger - Stand Alone - Both Record and Play without computer
  • Number of channels is scalable up to 64. However, each module is of four channels. (Indicate no. of   channels required while ordering)
  • Modular construction
  • Easy installation and user-friendly software interfaces
  • Each Channel Bank is of four Channels
  • Compression Rate 64 KBPS to retain original voice. (Higher compression rates can be provided)
  • Separate indication for every channel recording in pogress
  • Can be interfaced with wireless, telephone lines. Thus various types of voice signal inputs can be fed   to Voice Logger System simultaneously, allocating separate channel for each input
  • Records voice with date and time
  • Plays Voice by entering date and time
  • Plays any channel without interrupting recording of any other channel, including channel being played
  • Has Ethernet port to get connected in computer network
  • Play Control is by any computer in the network
  • Record keeping can be done on CDs / Flash Memory 
  • Computer programmable selection of VOX, Pseudo calls or off hook calls
  • GSM / CDMA Interface for recording (Fixed Cellular / CDMA Terminal to be provided by the buyer)
  • Recording remains uninterrupted even in case of defect in computer hardware and software (where   recording is in flash memory / dedicated hard disk) 
  • Play possible from every 4-channel module by using keyboard in stand-alone configuration only



Channels : Analog (In multiples of 4)
Voice coding methods : 64 KBPS G.711 A/u law PCM
Record Trigger modes : Parallel Off hook / VOX / Ring detection / Forced
Storage Capacity / Media : 1600 Hrs in 40 GB hard disk provided to every four- channel module
Frequency Response : 300-3400Hz +/- 3 dB
Analog Input : 1. Impedance 600 Ohms or > 10 K Ohm 
2. Balanced or Unbalanced
Speaker Output : Speaker (2W, 8 Ohm)
Signal to Noise Ratio : Better than 40dB
Distortion : Less than 3%
Cross Talk : Better than 40dB
Recording Sensitivity : Better than 40dBm
Power : 230V, 50Hz, AC +/- 20%
Telephone Port 
(Balanced Line)
: RJ11
Unbalance Inputs Port : DB25
PC Recording Port : 10-BASE-T, RJ45, UTP
(In standalone Configure only)
: Four line 20 characters Alphanumeric LCD
(In standalone Configure only)
: PS2 keyboard
Temperature : Operating: -10° C to +55° C
Storage: -40° C to +70° C
Humidity : 40° C, RH 95 % 


Standalone Voice Logger ( Smart Logger ) is a compact, reliable and is built-on basis of DSP Processor, works standalone without PC. Such solution makes it protected from errors of the PC and PC software, virus attacks and the user mistakes. It guarantees highest level of durability. For standalone work the logger is equipped with System of the Menu and LCD indicator. Menu allows search and play of the Voice Record of any one of the four channels.

  • Embedded Voice Logger - Stand Alone - Both Record and Play without computer
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